First Darklight:Memento Mori Development blog

Welcome to Darklight: Memento Mori and to our first developer’s blog!

 If this is your first visit, I strongly suggest you go and have look at the Gallery section and check out some of the work done so far, then learn a bit more about the game in the About section

Now, for this first update I am going to say I am glad that after many delays and complications, I have finally got the website up and running, it took a lot of very hard work and preparation to get where the project is  at now, and I want to give a massive “thank you” to all of those who helped me for the past year.

I have been creating a prototype of the game for almost a year now, to reflect the looks of what the game will look like once it is complete. The current focus on development is refining the game core mechanics and that means combat, exploration, and monsters behaviours. The game is at a playable stage, and after extensive playtest sessions with friends, I have spotted still a few minor issues which needs ironing as well as some number balancing before I can move on to the next stage.

I am also in the middle of finishing the artworks for latest iteration of the Shop cards, once complete I will have them printed along with the rest of the decks, but there is a pretty staggering amount of them! It is a time consuming and costly process, and a lot of hard work is required, but from the very positive feedback received from past prints and card decks,  it has proved worth it.

Feel free to use the Contact section form to get in touch with questions, suggestions and all that comes to mind, so that I may eventually create a FAQ out of them. I also welcome the help of writers, artists, and playtesters.

This is only the beginning, there is still a long road ahead but I will keep you updated as often as I can. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, spread the word, your small contribution will have a huge impact for every other person you bring  to Darklight.

Lastly, enjoy this  video introduction to Darklight! (Fullscreen with 1080p on Youtube recommended).