MAURO PANE - Artist/Designer

Mauro has worked for almost 10 years in the UK video games industry, mostly working as an artist. He is very passionate about his work and always makes sure to see things through the end.

Being very passionate about table top games, he has worked hard at researching, studying, and crafting this wonderful project for 3 years before launching our Kickstarter campaign. He is excited for the opportunity given by all our backers to make this dream a reality and share it with everyone.

DARIO PANE - Sculptor/Producer

Dario is a 3D artist who has worked over 11 years in the games industry on various AAA titles. His passion for anatomy and sculpture has driven him to team up with his brother Mauro to develop Darklight, with the aim of producing high quality miniatures thanks to the latest advances in 3D printing technology.

RHUADRHI OLIVER (aka Rory) - Narrative Designer/Editor

Rhuadrhi is a writer by trade, he has spent the majority of the last decade as a Journalist, Script Writer, Creative Developer, Narrative Designer, and Dramaturg. Now, he owns and runs a professional creative consultancy company in York specialising in Narrative Design.

Having studied the works of Dante in depth and being an original backer of 'Darklight: Memento Mori', Rhuadrhi is thrilled to have the chance to aid in the creation and cultivation of the incredibly immersive world of Intermundis.

Note from the Author...

Darklight is an ambitious dream I have visualised over the course of several years of experience in art, game developing and storytelling. My name is Mauro and I was born in Italy during the early 80’s and have grown up playing all sort of table tops and roleplaying games all the way through the 90’s, and up to this day my passion still endures as I collect wargaming miniatures.

I am often influenced by some of the greatest minds of the past, such as Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci, and Shakespeare, which together with my love for videogames contributed in my choice to join a career in art.
Part of my inspiration comes from loving the works of dark-horror Animes such as Berserk, Devilman (and most of the author’s works), which also take inspiration from similar sources I grew up to love.

I have lived in the UK for over 10 years, where I’ve studied art and later found jobs for some very renowned videogame companies as an artist. Videogames are my passion, but my love for roleplaying games, miniatures, fantasy/sci-fi art and stories will be second to none, as it brings out my inner child and a warm sense of nostalgia that almost nothing else does.

With the exception of the 3D miniatures, I have been working very hard on all of the art and design for Darklight during my spare time, giving me the chance to express my ideas exactly the way I wanted. I take constructive criticism and advice very seriously, as it allows me to improve the project and move it forward.

Characters, cards, map tiles, miniatures, and the rest of the artworks have been crafted with great attention to detail, without cutting corners, to make sure your journey through Intermundis will be as immersive and as memorable as possible.

Lastly, I want to dedicate this game to all of you who grew up on the magic of those glorious days, when miniature dungeon crawlers, were the coolest thing you had ever seen, and I hope Darklight can recreate some of that magic, awe and mystery for all of you to share with your friends and family as you once did, and last long after you are done playing.